Channel Swim

DSC_0322The English Channel is the body of water between England and France.  At its narrowest point, the Channel measures 23.69 land miles from Dover, England to Cap Gris Nez, France.  This section is known as “The Straight of Dover”.  The average water temperature during the summer months is about 60°F or 15-16°C.


MapIn 1875, Captain Matthew Webb became the first person to swim the English Channel.  He did it in 21 hours 45 minutes, swimming breaststroke the whole way, sipping beef tea and warm brandy occasionally passed to him from his escort boat.  He used no artificial assistance whatsoever.  All he wore was a bathing suit, a bathing cap, goggles, and grease.

A “60 Minutes Sports” features the Marathon Swim Camp that Maura participated in last summer at Sandy Cove in Cork, Ireland.  Check out the link below and use the password (showtime)

Marathon Swim Camp

The swim is about 36 minutes into the show.

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